1st Monitoring Visit 28 /04/2022

The first monitoring meeting of the project took place on 28th April, 2022 at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki premises in hybrid form with the participation of all partners’ representatives.

The Project Manager Dr Antoniadis as well as Action Leaders, Prof. Zouboulis, Dr. Kougias, Prof. Treu, Mrs. Ampatzi, Dr. Psaltou, Dr. Roumpos provided thorough presentations for all project actions, while Mrs. Papageorgiou, the Monitoring Expert of the project (NEEMO) explained in detail LIFE Programme guidelines as well as project monitoring issues.

Prof Laura Treu from UNIPD

Project beneficiaries representatives incl. Dr. Kostas Moustakas, Dr Fr. Peleka, Mrs Rania Ioannidou, Mrs M. Kassidoni, Dr P. Gotsis discussed with the Monitor Expert., Mrs Papageorgiou several technical and financial issues of the project.