A successful Launching Event. An inspiring Conference in Chania!

The LIFE CO2toCH4 Launching Event took place on Thursday, 22nd June, as a parallel event during the 10th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management in Chania, Crete, Greece.

The session was opened by Prof. Maria Loizidou from the UNIT OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (UEST) – NTUA, who focused on the rapid advancement towards 4th generation biofuels in support of EU policies.

Dr. Apostolos Antoniadis, our project coordinator, presented the main objectives and scope of the LIFE CO2toCH4 project, as well as the primary activities of PPC Renewables.

Dr. Christos Roumpos also emphasized the significance of the project for the Public Power Corporation – PPC S.A.

During the event, Prof. Anastasios Zouboulis from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) discussed the main CO2 capture technologies and the application of membrane separation for separating CO2 from fuel gases. He also presented his research work and the contribution of his university to the project.

Dr. Panagiotis Kougias from ELGO DΙΜITRA Laboratory in Thessaloniki presented his laboratory work related to the LIFE CO2toCH4 project. His presentation focused on the technological background of the biological methanation process in trickle bed reactors, the team’s work on the prototype pilot methanation unit, and the troubleshooting experience gained over crucial operational parameters.

Our Italian partners, Gabriele Ghiotto and Laura Treu from the University of Padova, presented their research work on the optimization of the Microbial Resource Management process and their contribution to the work of our project.

The project’s Launch Event was part of the larger conference, #CHANIA2023 – 10th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management, which featured 26 sessions, 550 oral presentations, 215 posters, 11 keynote speakers, and 7 collaborating journals. The conference had a total of 950 participants, both physically and online.