About Our Aim


LIFE CO2toCH4 aims at developing and demonstrating an innovative, integrated, and sustainable industrial process for simultaneous energy storage and CO2 capture and utilization (CCU). The ultimate goal of the project is to construct, test and operate (TRL8) a smart mobile unit for hybrid energy storage able to be installed in remote energy systems that commonly have low capacity (e.g. remote areas or islands that are not interconnected with the central energy grid). The technology relies on the fact that the RES will be used for water electrolysis, and subsequently the produced H2 will be biologically converted into methane (as a non-fossil biofuel) together with CO2 from exhaust gasses.

The General Objectives are to:

01. Construct & Demonstrate

  • – construct a demo mobile unit which offers: a) renewable energy storage b) biofuel production c) reduction of CO2 emissions and d) energy autonomy in remote areas.
  • – demonstrate an ex-situ freestanding process able to treat exhaust gases.
  • – achieve high H2 gas-liquid mass transfer rates by development of an efficient injection. System which offers improved distribution of the injected gases into the reaction matrix.
  • – maximize the efficiency of methanation by developing technically advanced systems and control architectures based on microbial resource management.
  • – operate the demo unit to identify any safety, environmental, regulatory, or resource (economic) constraints that may affect its penetration into the market.

02. Analyse & Evaluate

  • – produce a robust analysis of the energy balance.
  • – evaluate the technology by an integrated sustainability assessment using techno-economic, environmental, and social criteria in a full life-cycle assessment (LCA) methodology.
  • – assess the viability, cost and benefits of the proposed system.
  • – define business requirements and critical success factors that must be met.
  • – improve the knowledge base of available CO2 emission sources (e.g. power plants, cement industries) in Greece.
  • – define an optimal supply chain for optimum replication of the CCU system.

03. Promote & Foster

  • – promote public awareness on climate change mitigation, circular economy concepts and reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • – foster employment growth and to increase capacity building in relevant technologies for increased competitiveness.
  • – contribute to the implementation of the Union policy and legislation on the promotion of the advanced biofuels, circular economy and on sustainable waste management