ACTION A1.D1: Energy/material flow analysis, engineering simulation and Engineering Design

ACTION C.1: Design and operation of a prototype pilot methanation unit

ACTION C.2: Design and installation of the mobile unit for hybrid energy storage and of the control & monitoring system

  • Deliverable C2.D1: Blueprints of the methanation system
  • Deliverable C2.D2: Blueprints of the complete mobile unit for hybrid energy storage
  • Deliverable C2.D3: Procurement of mobile unit for hybrid energy storage (All Equipments and Installation)

ACTION C.3: Test operation and optimization of the mobile unit for hybrid energy storage

  • Deliverable C3.D1: Facility operation and maintenance manual
  • Deliverable C3.D2: Process optimization report

ACTION C.4: Demonstration of the innovative CO2toCH4 concept through circular economy living labs

  • Deliverable C4.D1: Report on the demonstration action and on the evaluation of its results

ACTION C.5: Evaluation of replicability and transferability and development of business models

  • Deliverable C5.D3: Replication roadmap
  • Deliverable C5.D4: Techno-economic feasibility study for two additional demonstration power plant case studies (including the calculation of environmental criteria)
  • Deliverable C5.D5: Transferability roadmap
  • Deliverable C5.D6: Techno-economic feasibility study for the two replication case studies (including the calculation of environmental criteria)
  • Deliverable C5.D7: Letters of intent and list of partners interested in implementation of the CO2toCH4 concept
  • Deliverable C5.D8: Report on “Final Close-to-Market questionnaire”
  • Deliverable C5.D9: Final business plan

ACTION D.1: Demonstration system evaluation and assessment of environmental, economic and social impacts

ACTION E.1: Project website, online social networking, notice boards and Layman’s report

ACTION E.2: Networking with other LIFE and/or non-LIFE projects

  • Deliverable E2.D1: Report on results and impact of the networking activities with other projects

ACTION E.3: Informative material, technical publications/presentations and media work

  • Deliverable E3.D3: Two technical publications
  • Deliverable E3.D4: Four sets of leaflets (produced annually)
  • Deliverable E3.D5: Presentations from the participation in other conferences
  • Deliverable E3.D6: Five announcements to radio and television stations
  • Deliverable E3.D7: Five scientific publications
  • Deliverable E3.D8: LIFE CO2toCH4 dissemination and Promotion activities Report
  • Deliverable E3.D9: Five press articles

ACTION E.4: Organization of events, workshops, training seminars and conferences

ACTION F.1: Project management

ACTION F.2: After-LIFE Plan

  • Deliverable F2.D1: After-LIFE Plan