VERDETEC technology expo, MEC Athens, Greece

During Verdetec 2023 Exhibition, 17 to 19 March, MEC Athens, Greece an international exhibition on environmental technology, the LIFECO2toCH4 project was a standout participant, showcasing innovative technologies used to convert CO2 emissions into methane.

LIFE CO2toCH4 project coordinator, Dr. Apostolos Antoniadis from PPC Renewables, presented the project as an example of LIFE Programme successful projects, during the NEEMO and Green Fund session for “LIFE Programme, the EU’s funding instrument for environment and climate action” that took place on the morning of 18th of March 2023. Prof. Loizidou also participated in the discussion, while the project monitor Mrs Sofia Papageorgiou (NEEMO) presented the LIFE Programme Calls for proposal submission and thematic priorities, during the same session.