Ptolemais Area, Western Macedonia Region Site Visit 29/04/2022

A visit to the wider area of Ptolemais where several Power Plants are located, was organised on the 29th of April, 2022. Project partners representatives had the chance to visit the premises of the Power Plant of Agios Dimitrios.

From left to right PPC experts from Agios Dimitrios plant, Mr Nimvriotis (PPC), Ms Ampatzi (NEVIS), Dr Peleka (AUTH), Dr Konstantinos Moustakas (NTUA), Dr Petros Gotsis (AUTH), Mrs Sophia Papageorgiou (Monitor Expert, Neemo), Mr Hatzis (AUTH),  Professor Zoumpoulis (AUTH), Mr Kostaridis (PPC), Dr Roumpos (PPC), Dr Panos Kougias (ELGO),  Dr Apostolos Antoniadis (PPCR), Ms Polina Asimakidou (PPCR), Dr Kontogiannopoulos (ELGO), Dr Savvina Psaltou (PPCR).

The present participants were also presented a part of the mining area  where the plant Operation  Plant Engineer, Mr Manolis Sakalis explained the establishment and all the steps of the mining process as well as an overview of the mining site and Dr Roumpos offered an overview of the issues of concern at managerial level.

In turn, they were presented to the innovative and state of the art newly developed power plant in Ptolemaida, Power Plant V. Dr. Roumpos, Dr Antoniadis provided all the necessary information as well as site guidance.